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Many businesses struggle to increase customer retention. Traditional loyalty programs based on transactions attract deal-seekers, not true brand advocates thus failing to cultivate real engagement and business growth.

The future of loyalty lies in creating meaningful experiences that engage customers beyond purchases. Exclusive member events, early access, co-creation and personalized rewards build affinity beyond discounts.


We founded Likwid to pioneer this new approach to loyalty.


We aim to transform the relationship between the creator and the customer from transactional points to relationship building.

Our vision is a future where loyalty programs foster ongoing relationships, not one-time sales.


We empower businesses to create delightful experiences that engage customers repeatedly, leading to higher retention and growth.


The Likwid platform enables ANY business to easily launch a customized loyalty program with points and benefits. We go even further by incorporating blockchain technology in an accessible way to provide next-level retention capabilities.

Real-time analytics on customer behaviors generate data-driven insights to optimize highly personalized content and experiences that strengthen brand affinity.

This is just the beginning as we are constantly innovating with an exciting pipeline of features and tools.


We are on a mission to redefine loyalty programs as powerful tools for engagement, retention, acquisition, and community-building.

Join the Likwid community, where every interaction is rewarded, every customer is recognized, and every business thrives. 

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